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EB-5 Global Ventures provides comprehensive guidance through the EB-5 Visa Process to the immigrant investors pursuing immigration law by defining the legalities of EB-5 immigration program, EB-5 investment options and building up EB-5 regional centers. Our Attorneys can help you navigate the complex process of obtaining EB-5 Immigrant Investor Green Cards. The EB5 Visa Program is a complex US permanent residency program for foreigners that emphasizes on investing the least amount of $900,000 that allows generation of new job opportunities for the US locals. With our expertise and experienced legal consultants, we provide effective consultancy to EB-5 investors seeking approval for the EB-5 Immigration program. The best part is that the founder of EB-5 global ventures is an immigrant, who has gone through the same processes that everyone goes while dealing with a process of acquiring U.S citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Department of State. 

Our attorneys are active members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

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EB-5 investors

About EB-5 green cards

Permanent green cards for successful EB-5 investors and their families

The development of EB-5 investment program is to enhance investment ventures in America through EB-5 and to allow maximum foreign individuals to build an enterprise and to invest in companies that will generate job opportunities in America. There is a strict criteria to of eligibility that must be followed by all EB5 immigration seekers. There are set of complex guidelines that should be understood by the investor from an experienced EB-5 investor visa attorney.  After the successful fulfillment of all necessary requirements the foreign investors and his major family members can get permanent green cards that is the approval of permanent United States residency. There are number of complex requirements for the permanent EB5 visa set by the USCIS. The investment ventures in America through EB-5 can lead to a green card for the applicants ensuring permanent approval of residency and working in the United States. EB5 immigrant may require comprehensive guidance to cater EB5 visa complexities. The EB-5 visa program is operated by an EB-5 investor visa attorney and the USCIS, The program is aimed to enhance the US economy by providing more job opportunities to the citizens.

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EB-5 Global

At EB-5 Global, we aim to lead you towards the ease of applying for an Immigrant Investor Green Card.

Securing immigration, provided the strict guidelines and rigorous procedures under immigration laws worldwide is an intricate mechanism. As per EB-5 visa program requirements investors are to fulfill certain legalities. We are licensed investor immigration attorneys based in Boston and will walk you through EB-5 immigration process. Moreover, our counsel as EB-5 investor visa attorney will seek to seamlessly materialize your application.

Immigration Solutions LLC, Boston (the parent company of EB-5 law firm) was founded by an immigrant herself, Micol Mion. She hails from an industrialist background and her family had textile businesses setup all around the world. Her education encompasses five regions and hence, can speak five different languages. Thus, we have an edge in handling affairs with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Department of State in relation to immigration EB-5 program.

Our investor immigration attorneys are based in Boston & are reputed members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).  Therefore, you can count on the best EB-5 attorney in immigration business.

You can have EB-5 visa lawyer at your disposal by getting in touch with our EB-5 law firm in Boston. The lot entails business acumen and many are immigrants themselves, meaning EB-5 law firm in Boston by immigrants for immigrants. You will find many native speakers which can drive faster processing times for your immigration EB-5 program.

Immigration is our core area of expertise and in the past EB-5 Global Ventures have won many accolades which is tantamount to the fact that we mean business as your EB-5 Visa Lawyers. We believe in continually improving our services and with our interactive online technology, you can easily track the status of your application, view and edit profile, talk to other immigrants and hear their success stories, post questions, read topics on EB-5 visa program requirements in order to equip yourself with latest news, updates and what’s hot in the immigration world.

The EB-5 Global Ventures immigration attorneys are here to allow you to explore investment ventures in America as per USCIS policy which in turn will create more employment and every individual; immigrant or not, will be able to live a fair share of the American Dream. There are certain guidelines which are governed by the United States government and EB-5 Global Ventures immigration attorneys will ensure that an individual and his/her family members under the age of 18 can easily secure permanent residency/green card.

Our modus operandi, “Turn Challenges into Solutions.” As EB-5 investor visa attorney, we strive to be an essential piece of our customer's prosperity by giving ideal representation, administrations and vital counsel.

EB-5 investments

About EB-5 Regional Centers

Enterprises approved for EB-5 investments - and opportunities for foreign investors

In order to reassure eb-5 immigration program’s effectiveness through adequate investments and to target investment regionally, In order to comply with the EB-5 immigration requirements, the investors is obliged to create at least a capital investment in profitable US entity. The invested amount should be equals to $900,000 or $1,800,000 depending on the invested project. Congress focused USCIS to set aside 3,000 visas for people who capitalize in a designated “Regional Center Program.” Approximately 90% to 95% of EB-5 applications submitted to USCIS have fallen into this category.
Regional Center investments must be $1,800,000 (USD or greater, unless the regional center is designated as a Target employment Area (TEA) in which case investment amount are $900,000 USD.

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Invest in the US and become a Green Card Holder

A subdivision of Immigration Solutions LLC concentrates solely on EB-5 applications from establishing a Regional Center to bringing a foreign investor to live permanently in the US

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